[FullCalendar Reactive] Drag and Drop events from calendar onto another section
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I am using FullCalendar, Reactive Drag, Drop, and Sort to drag events from one container and place them onto the calendar.

I now want the functionality to bring the events we've placed onto the calendar into a completely different container.

Here is a video of the current state:


How should I go about accomplishing this?


Hello Matt,

Below is the URL that I have provided previously to Jim.


Now for that feature, we need to do more research on it or you can see custom code.


Rajat Agrawal

Hey Rajat - thanks for replying.

Do you have any suggestions of what I should research or how should I go about custom coding this feature?

Hi Matt,

In reference to the previously suggested solution: is-there-a-way-to-use-third-party-draggable-libraries-with-this-module, I have developed a solution, which may not be the most optimal but serves as a starting point to address your use case. 

Implemented code modifications: 

  • Remove the referenced JS file from the screen.
  • FullCalendar block - AdvancedOptions property expression value:
    • Included eventDragStop event handler definition: with a logic to address your use case.
  • Screen OnInitialize event handler flow - initialized a function definition which is referenced in the eventDragStop event handler.
  • Screen OnReady - InitExternalEventsJS node - explicitly assign event Id.
  • Screen style sheet definitions.

Demo screen: DragandDropEvents

Refer to the attached oml file containing the implementation. I hope that the shared approach will be of help in completing the implementation.

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Hey Rajat - is there a way you can share the .oml file for the url that you shared?

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