How to turn off pagination

I am using a screen created from the data tab by default. It has a pagination which means a page displays only 10 records. How do I turn it off, so that a page can display all images that it gets from the database? I tried deleting the 'Navigation/Pagination' widget from the screen, but it keeps showing only first ten rows.



Hello @Muslim Sattarov 

You aggregate which is fetching the information has its MaxRecords property.

When you create screen by scaffolding it usually assigns a local variable named "MaxRecords" with default value = 10.

You can set the default value of that variable as many records as you want to show in your screen.

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Hello Muslim Sattarov,
Pagination is more than that widget. Basically, you need to delete that widget and you need to check the filters you have on your Aggregate and Data Action. You should have two variables related to pagination: MaxRecords and Start Index. Check the way you retrieve your data and remove the statements related to these 2 variables. After this, if you have an aggregate, check and change, if needed the MaxRecords attribute. 

For more information regarding pagination and how it is done, check this documentation link:


Yes, thanks. I got what I wanted. First, I deleted the "Pagination" widget, then I set MaxRecords parameter to an actual number instead of a MaxRecords variable. Now it'll show up to that number if it exceeds it won't. But I've no idea where/how to change MaxRecords default value or better totally get rid of that limit.

Just another quick question: where can I see/modify that SQL query that is being used to retrieve the data? I would like the data sorted by name in alphabetical order by default. Something like adding additional OrderBy Banks.Name ASC SQL parameter to the query.


1. Default value of MaxRecords variable.

2. Executed SQL

Just click on the highlighted 3 dots to see the executed SQL.

3. There is no need to add any additional line anywhere. just apply sorting in the aggregate itself.

Hope these screenshot makes everything clear.

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Hello Muslim Sattarov, 

Just as Anees and Ana mentioned before, there's more than just deleting the widget, and there's also good documentation material that can help you understand better the pagination. 

Thou i'm not trying to add more about want our fellow coleagues answered, but just wanted to ask you if you ever considered adding a new screen and create yourself a table or list, and then fetch the data you wish to it? in that case, you won't have the default pagination that you get when you bootstrap data from excel or other sources, as well as drag and drop from data to the eSpace. 

Maybe it is a good exercise for the future, creating that screen from zero, with no default aid, and then try to create the pagination you wish or need. 

Good luck with the pagination!

Best regards,


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