Output error logs and trace logs in ODC

I understand that info logs can be output by using Log Message.
However, I could not find an Action to explicitly output error logs and trace logs.
Is it not possible for the developer to output these logs and they are just output from the Platform?

Hello Yuichi Igarashi, 

Check the following documentation link, please :) 

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Hi Ana,

Thanks for the reply.

I have already read that link.
However, there is nothing that answers my question.

Hi Yuchi,

Currently, you can only access the logs and traces in the ODC Portal. On the roadmap are features that allow to stream these logs to 3rd party tools. No official date is shared by OutSystems when this will be become generally available.



Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the roadmap information.

I am outputting Info level logs using Log Message, but I would also like to output Trace level logs. Is there a suitable Action?

Hi Yuichi,

Currently I am also  analyzing this and working with support team to find workaround for this, In my case I am  integrating with Datadog .

We are able to get only Front end logs and not server side traces  real-time as we can not install Agent on Server (PaaS)

But if you want to get traces offline you need to use Factory Configuration to enable trace at server side and then request OutSystems support team to get that traces for you.

Another way is to  use PlatformLogs extension to get data from tables


So based on Request_Key you can get all the sequence of logs/ trace information.

Hope this information will help.

Thanks & Regards

Ashish Akolkar

What are you talking about? The question is on ODC, not O11.

There is no factory configuration in ODC., and the link you shared is for O11.

Hi Daniel,

Yes apologies ,overlooked ODC...forgot to add  note , this is for O11.



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