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Hi all,

can anyone tell, How to read logs from service center and display in UI / Interface?


You can add dependency for PlatformLogs

Hi @ManoSenthil N ,
Which type of error do you want to display in your UI?
By using exception handling for specific actions you can display an alert message as a notification, but it will display for some time and then it will disappear.
Or do you want to display it in another way?


Hi Anubhav Rai,

Thanks for your reply. We are planning to store the log in txt file  / database for future reference.  Which one is better solution? 

From txt file / database will display it in the UI.

Log in which form, Like change requests(in your main table you want to store only updated 1 record but in another log table you want to maintain track of changes ) 
or error/exceptions only?

Then you can follow the suggestion given by @Toto ,
You will need to add the dependencies of log tables(according to your requirement) and after getting the data from there you can update your log table.
If it is only for exceptions then you will need to handle all exceptions carefully and in the exception handler flow you can add your error log table create/update action.

But what is your requirement, you can display these OutSystems-provided table data in your UI. Then you will not need to create another table.

Like in the service center, you can see these types of error tabs.

Similarly, if you add dependency you can see these tables, and you can add them as per your requirement.

Please let me know if you have more queries.



If you are going to add dependencies as Toto suggested, then below documentation will help you understand the entities better.


On top of that in case you don't want to put effort into building the component exposing such details, then there are some forge components available too.



Hope it helps!


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