Making a attendence report screen in HRportal

what is the best way to make a attendence report screen of employees .is there any widgets or any other ways .like i want to that a employe will mark its attendence there ,whats the best possible ways.

Hello Muhammad,

There is no readily available apps such as. But fortunately you can get some idea with this app provided by OS itself:


Moreover you can also use forge components to digitally read attendance.


like which component i use here for this screen which is suitable can you suggest one.

Hi Muhammad,

According to me, there is no widgets or some kind of thing which can track attendance by default in OS. You can start with a simple screen to keep tract of attendance from scratch like input the details from user and store in db.

Hi Muhammad, 

I am adding some steps to create a basic Attendance Screen below,

1. Create a table with EmployeeId, Date, In-Time and Out-Time.

2.Create a screen with 2 buttons, One to mark In-Time, other to mark Out-Time.

3.Add the condition to enable the In-Time button at the start of a day.

4.On click of the In-Time button disable the button, save the Date and current Time as In-Time in table and also enable the Time-Out Button.

5.On click of the Out-Time button disable the button, and save the current Time as Out-Time in the table.

-Gayathri T C

Hi Muhammad Haseeb,

I looked at your problem. so you can use this forge component. Check this



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