Connecting to on-prem S3


We are trying to use C# code via extension on Integration Studio to access S3 files (S3 is on-prem).

We can see that the code on C# gets the result we need when we test it from Visual Studio, but its returning "Timeout" when we test it from Outsystems.

Both tests were conducted from the same machine, from the server.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Ofri,

Let me double check, you run OutSystems and also AWS S3 'on-premise'? I guess you mean it is hosted in an AWS VPC? 

Are you sure that the OutSystems infrastructure runs in the same AWS VPC?

The timeout suggests a connection issue, which suggests that OS is not able to connect to the S3 service. 

Another question I have is why you use custom extension, as there are already multiple good S3 Forge components available that you could leverage to setup the integration succesfully quickly.



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