I want a reactive web application with form that has dropdown and upload icon

I want a reactive web application with form that has dropdown and upload icon. These dropdowns should be imported from the excel and all the data with uploaded files should be shown in page in which we can download those uploaded files. 

Hi Ajay,

That should be possible.

  1. Open Service Studio
  2. Create a new reactive app
  3. Create a new screen
  4. Add the dropdown widget
  5. Add the upload widget
  6. Add the extra logic you need
  7. Press 1CP



or wait, you actually want someone from the outsystems community to make it for you (for free)?

I had alrready done importing data from excel. But I had done some mistakes. The dropdown is not showing while the form is published

Hi Ajay,

It would have been great if you had shared that information, and the possible error or issues, in more detail in your original questions. Then it is easier for community members to help. Now your question just read like a request for someone to built it for you.

If you already have some work done, share more details in which part of your app you have an issue and share if possible the OML or OAP.

We need more AI in OutSystems that does the work for you if you ask "I want a reactive web application with form that has dropdown and upload icon " ;-) 

@Ajay Saminathan:  Actualy typing this in ChatGPT: Using OutSystems: I want a reactive web application with form that has dropdown and upload icon 
Gives a reasonable answer, and even better, you can do it yourself with that info and learn a lot more by doing it.

Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,

Can you upload the oml for reference. 


Wasimkhan S

In this oml, I want to submit the form and show those details in next page with multiple  uploaded files. I had also want to download that uploaded files. 


Anybody please refer to this and provide me OML. @Wasim Khan @Daniel Kuhlmann 

Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,

The problem is on assign . Assign the variable EmployeeFile to Create CustomerFile. 

So that the uploaded file will get saved. 

Also filter the GetBuById aggregate as mentioned below. 

Still I am not getting my data in the new sheet. Please help me sir @Wasim Khan 

I am newbie to outsystem. Im confused. Can you please complete it and share it as oml file in anonymous


You need to assign all the local variable values that are in the form before saving to database. I have assigned one value. Same you need to do for other variables as well.

@Ajay Saminathan ,

Please refer to the training materials and complete it to get some idea about it.



Wasimkhan S

In the new screen in which the saved form, which name should be dragged and dropped as table. What i am asking is where the data will be get stored? @Wasim Khan 

@Ajay Saminathan Like suggested above I think it's best to follow some (free!) OutSystems training courses before continuing. A lot of your questions are answered when actually doing the exercises yourself. You can't drive a car without taking some lessons first either. :) Good luck!



Fully agree, with proper training, the tasks of coding the application is also more fun...

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