Importing between applications based on configurable criteria
Application Type

Reactive web application

Can one application ("Application B") import specific data into it from another application ("Application A") based on criteria defined in Application B at the push of a button?

For instance, I want to define search criteria in Application B to pull all book titles FROM Application A that were published between 1930 and 1940 AND are in excess of 500 pages.  Once the info matching the criteria is pulled down into Application B, users can edit that data within Application B and not affect the data in Application A.

Can someone point me in the right direction to implement this?



Hi Rick,

If I understood you want to import specific data from one table in certain App to another table in specific table, that's it?

It's possible with Create action but if you have a lot of data is not an action to run in frontend level.

Why you don't sync in backend all the data with timer once a day or each x minutes?

Regards, Paulo Torres

The users of Application B will need to define the record set to pull down from Application A.  If it's not wise to have it execute at the press of a button, I can likely have the button press just queue the request and then a timer executing every 30 minutes pulls down the data.

Can you point me to either the correct documentation to perform this import?  I training, we bootstrapped and Excel file.  What would the process look like between two OS applications? 

This is helpful for the flow.  The "Do Something" server action is likely the location where I will perform the import I would assume.  What would that flow look like?  All the sample imports I've looked at utilize excel files and I have yet to find any with instructions for imports between two entities in two separate files.

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