Multi-tenant Application Performance

Multi-tenant Application Performance

We are considering an Outsystems purchase and are looking for feedback from the community. Specifically we'd like to know if there are key areas we should focus on for an application with the following architecture and features.

• Single instance, multi-tenant cloud based service.
• Deployed in Amazon cloud
• 1000 Accounts, 10,000 Users,
• Multiple user languages (English - US, English – UK, Japanese, Chinese – Simplified, etc.)
• <35 Business Objects such as Activities, Actions, Tasks, Email, etc.
• Expected response time – 1 to 3 seconds - for routine functions (bandwidth assumed)

George -

* Performance will be dependent on smart design and usage rate, of course; 10,000 users who log in once a month is obviously going to be faster than 1,000 users on the system all day long. The SQL I see generate by the system is about as good as anything a typical programmer will make, but you need to make wise decisions.

* Before 7.0 came out, the multi-tenancy was lacking. I've been working with it on a big SaaS style application and it is VERY nice. It makes life easier than it was in the past (I wrote a whole multi-tenancy system previously, and I'm happy to not need to worry about a lot of it anymore!).

* <35 BO's sounds good, but my experience has been that it is really easy to add more and so you usually end up with more than you expected.

* I haven't used the translation system directly, but it looks on par with any other system, you put together a file mapping phrases to languages...

I would be glad to have a chat with you and share my experiences if you'd like. No sales pitch either, I'm pretty well booked for a while, just be glad to answer questions based on the view of someone who's been working in the system for a while on projects like that (SaaS, multi-tenant apps). :)