Multiple File Upload Unable to do file retrieving

I had created form with some inputs and dropdown. I had to upload multiple files and download those files. But i was unable to download those files. I had attached the OML file. I need to download those files once i click a name on table after saving the form.


Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,
I checked your OML you entered max file size as 3(it is in bytes) you need to convert it in MB or if you are not sure you can leave it blank. 
By this, your file will be uploaded in the Outsystems default tables:-

But if you want it to save in EmployeeFile table then you will need to get the data from the default table with the help of FileId and then create entries in your EmployeeFile table.

Note: By checking your implementation, I found you are a little bit confused with the assignments, please try to figure out the flows and data. For this, you can take the help of the debugger.

Please let me know if you have more queries.



I am clear with the problem statement. I am bit confused in executing this. the problem is

1. I have to make forms with has 
i) Assembly Number
ii) Serial Number
iii) Description
iv) Customer BU (Dropdown) 
v)Language (Dropdown) 
vi)Region (Dropdown) 
vii)Toolmodel (Dropdown)
viii) Multiple File Upload
It has two screens. One is Form and another is table which has saved data of the  first page form.
When I click any data in the table, It show uploaded file and i needed to download that. @Anubhav Rai Please share Corrected OML file.

I am attaching the updated OML for your reference now files are getting uploaded to your tables(I only fixed your upload logic and added notes as well).
But for your exact business logic, you will need to update it accordingly.

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