Dropdown Search + Input

I have a dropdown search where in an optionlist came from the aggregate of a static entity.
Is there any way to add a button (or anything that can trigger) in the list of the dropdown which will be used to add a new input if the user want to not use the data from the static entity?

In the design that i am trying to do, in the list of dropdown there an option with " +  Create Custom Label" and if the user click that the dropdown will become an input.



You can have an input with its "visible" set to a boolean variable. Add a new value "Create Custom Label" to the dropdown. Then when the user selects it, change the variable to true which will display the input. Is that what you need?

Hi, Thanks for the input great help especially the boolean part Thanks again

Hi @Romeo Sandrino ,
You can add a new record in the static entity as "Other" and when the user selects the "other" option you can display the input box to insert text manually.

Is it what you are looking for?

If yes, then you will also need to add a new attribute in your form aggregate to store "Other's" input. 


Hi, thanks for the input, I already resolve the issue. Rather than using static entity i used a normal entity so that even if I create a new label I can still add it to the list of my dropdown. Got an Idea on the "other", so what i did is to make the +Create New Label as first data in that data base and if click i created a boolean that if true input will appear if not the dropdown will appear thanks

Yes, so just add to the Static Entity 1 more Record with Label "+ Create Custom Label", it will appear as an option in the Dropdown list. Then you just add some extra logic so that when user select that option, we hide the dropdown and display an input instead. Moreover, beside the the input, you can put a button or link so that user can click on to display back the dropdown list.

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