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I have a data table in that one attribute holding decimal values and i am fetching the data to show in table, but i have to serialize it to json format. Does any one know how to add the suffix text to the decimal value before serializing?

Hi @Priyabrat Swain,

Please elaborate your problem in details or share the oml file to understand it.  


Hi @Priyabrat Swain,

What I have understood you have some decimal values but when you serialize it to show in your table it only shows integer values. 
To solve this you must have decimal values which you can pass in JSONSerialize and then use NumberColumn in the data grid and use the below property to enable decimal places, I used 3 DecimalPlaces but you can update it as per your requirment.

Please let me know if you have any queries.


Hi Priyabrat,

1. Create a structure similar to entity that you have, with attribute as text (which is decimal in entity)

2. Append the suffix, as shown in fig.

3. serialize the list.

appended suffix as text in decimal.

I hope this is the requirement that you were looking into, Let me know if any queries.

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