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Hi all,

I have a requirement to implement a hierarchy structure inside a table(list). I created a page to display all the parent nodes in a table. Then created a block to display the level 1 child of the parent. Now I need to display the child of level 1 child, meaning level 2 child of parent. The hirerachy of the child list can be unlimited/dynamic. If I call the block inside same block, It gives an error "Block loop detected". Is there a way to achieve my requirement?

If you look at the attachment, You could see "Cambridge university" which is the parent node. If I expand it, then all its level 1 colleges are listed. Now If I expand "Kings college", it should expand all colleges under "Kings college" in the same table format. The levels that can be extended will be dynamic/undefined. 

Can anyone help with this. Thanks in advance

Table hirerachy.PNG

Hi Gowtham,

from what I can understand, after the first selection, on the next selections who will have the starting value "Cambridge university" and the next one "Kings college" and so on.

If you could share the code maybe one of us could see what the problem is.

Sometime ago (years) I implemented something similar and I remember that when drilling down had to have the previous selected values.

Hope that helps you.

For sure there will someone here with the solution.

Hi Gowtham,

Is the data that are fetching for parent and child is from same entity ?


Hi Gowtham,

In my one of project I have used GTree forge component to achieve this functionality.

You can try this component below is the link.


it works perfectly in your case it is able to show multiple child under parent node.

Please let me know if you face any issue to use this one.



@Mythily Nagarajan Yes, the data for parent and child are from same entity

can you share the entity and its attributes

Parent_Id's datatype is university identifier itself

@Arun Rajput Gtree component works for directory structure where we can display only one attribute in an expression. I want the data to be displayed in a table format.

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