For any video respective subtitles, How can I extract it in a clear document?

This is how the subtitles of the videos displayed. 


Can you please share more details about your application? For instance, your requirement, logic you have implemented, specific problem that you are facing etc.



I mean that this is how the subtitles of the video displayed (as attached). I want to extract it in a normal text (like a paraghraph or something) eliminating the numbers and time. (I tried GPT to help me with no luck as it's deleting some text..)

Hello Junaid Syed,

I believe that Mustafa Medhat is referring to the format of subtitles used in the training and documentation videos provided by OutSystems. These subtitles typically consist of a number, a time frame, and the corresponding sentence spoken during that time frame. When you download these subtitles, they are organized in this format, making it easy to synchronize the text with the video.

However, extracting a clear and structured document from these subtitles may not be straightforward. If you need a more conventional document format, such as a written transcript or a document without the time frame references, you might want to explore other solutions. Converting these subtitles into a more readable and organized format would likely require some manual effort or the use of other software tools to reformat and edit the content as needed.

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Hi Mustafa,

If you are referring to the OutSystems training videos, there is a link on each video to download the subtitles in a text format:



Yes, but that's exactly where he got that format from 😄.

Hi Mustafa,

This is not directly an OutSystems-related question. Actually creating an OS app for this would be overkill, and OS isn't really suited for this. So pick your favourite scripting language to do this, like Python, parse the text file, and filter out the right lines.

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