Use certifications from resources

Hi Experts,
I'm new to outsystems and facing one issue from a while.

  • I want to use a certificate File in a rest API call, In outsystem API call I need to use this certificate content.
  • I uploaded the certificate in Resources folder and deployed it to directory "Certificates" so it looks like Certificates\MyCertificate.cer.
  • When I want to pass this file as value in the JSON -> It only shows URL of this certificate not the CONTENT as like (Resources.MyCertificate_cer.Content)
  • I also tried by uploading image for them as well i only get URL option , error on typing Content manually

Thanks, and appreciate your help.

Hi Alex, Thank you for the references. Let me go through this.In mean time Can you please tell me one small thing If we Import a resource -> how we can access its content in a logic? do we need to do any configuration for that as well?Like resource is not Visible in Logics if we do not select Deploy to directory and set a Target directory so similarly do we need a configuration to access Content of a Resource File?

Thanks and RegardsDhanushant

Hi Dhanushant ,

To access the resource content in  other environment you need to 

To provide the binary you just need to access the resource content.

Hope that it helps you

Thank you so much

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