dropdown on change for same entity

Kindly help check  dropdown tag change which is based on same entity, and seems i cant work on it. 

Input of Phase will make change of "Level" and "Lastphase" on dropdown - Level (it works)

-Last phase (It doesn't work and it refers to the same entity of phase)

Please check below example, 

Firstly, in the Phase table

1. Last phase of 102 is 101 

In the page of JobTestDetail4Onchange PopUp, I want the "level" and "last phase" will be changed based on the above table. And Level is workable on my side and would you please help check on change of "Last Phase"
My existing result is:
- Last phase of 102 still shows 102 but not 101 (Reference from first pic) 

-Level can be shown correctly


Hi Winnie, please make sure that in the dropdown box, you map Value and Text to with attributes of Phase_2 instead of Phase.

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