No stack information in error log

I am going through Outsystems Training on Logging and i noticed that in the training error logs have the stack that enables one to trace where the error is coming from

However when I try recreate an error message it does not come with the stack so I cannot track where the error is coming from 

Do only specific errors come with a stack or is there something I have to activate on my end?

Training screenshot:

My screenshot:



So in this error trace you got details about the action in which you are getting issue. Now I guess you need to check this particular action as per error statement content will be truncated. Means simply due to length of holding variable. Lets say you are trying to assign string of length 100, but variable capacity is only to hold 60 chars. Suggest please check from this point of view, if still not able to figure out the reason then help to share oml for further check.


Thank you this has helped

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