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Is there a way to display the data in table format in the GTree as below?


In this case GTree is not what you should use;

Depending on the depth level of your tree you might accomplish that with a couple of blocks and using the native OS table component

I don't have the exact depth level of nodes/children. The depth level can be dynamic and different for each parent node. So that's the reason i'm not using table widget. I created a block and called the block inside the table. but getting the error "recursive calling of block inside block". That's why I'm using GTree, because it can handle dynamic depth levels.


Right, the recursion problem in the blocks is exactly what this component is aiming to solve, but right now the only display format is what you see, you could try to style it so it would comply more with what you need.

Maybe you could also review the requirements for having the display you purpose, since having tables inside tables could not lead to the best experience.

Did you already have a look at a alternative component, like Datagrid using Grouping?

like this:

See Datagrid sample with grouping

Yes. I have tried Data Grid. In data grid you can't show multiple level of children.

You can, by adding columns to the GroupPanel; every level needs its own column. In the above picture there is only 1 column added to the GroupPanel.

You can use the client action AddColumnsToGroupPanel to add the columns, and hide the GroupPanel to prevent that the grouping is changed by the end user.

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