I am creating a web page which has form of some details. I want to convert it into Japanese even if the client fills the form in English. I have referred this and converted the entire page into japanese. My question is what if the client add new data to the form. I want to add and translate into Japanese dynamically once they submit the form. 

Hi Ajay Saminathan,

i saw you are facing problem for the Multilanguage web applications. just Check this

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Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,

Yes you can achieve this in outsystems using Multilingual Locales .

Kind see the video how use Multilingual Locales  

Hope this can help you!

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Sourabh Sharma

I had done till this. How to translate for dynamic values. for example. If my form table has a value PRINT. Next time the user edited that PRINT to DOWNLOAD. I need to translate that DOWNLOAD word in Japanese without doing these importing and translating in google sheet process. I need it to be done automatically. 


on the forge you will find some components that integrate with external services to translate text on-the-go.

Amazon Translate - This is a supported component by OutSystems

DeepL - This forge component is maintained by me. DeepL is as of now the most mature online translation service but has a significant higher pricing that Amazon Translate.

Both services support Japanese.

Here a DeepL example of the above text



Amazon Translate - OutSystemsによってサポートされているコンポーネントです。

DeepL - このForgeコンポーネントは私が保守しています。DeepLは現在のところ最も成熟したオンライン翻訳サービスですが、Amazon Translateよりもかなり高い価格設定になっています。


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