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Hi all! I'm having a compilation error that I've never experienced before and maybe you guys can help me out with this one.

Basically, I'm using an extension to fetch a table that I need for a WorkFlow that I'm trying to create. While adding the table on Integration Studio works just fine, once I add it to the dependencies on Service Studio and try to publish the module I get the following error:

Internal Error: Compilation Error.
referencesProxy\Extension_Banka_EE_proxy.cs(39,31): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'ENURPROCS_DevolucaoChequesEntity' does not exist in the namespace 'OutSystems.NssBanka_EE' (are you missing an assembly reference?)
return OutSystems.NssBanka_EE.ENURPROCS_DevolucaoChequesEntity.ViewName(tenant, locale); 

Further notice that I can publish modules from other Apps with no problems whatsoever, meaning it is just this one app that seems to not like the recently added table!

Cheers everyone!



Try to check if all the references are updated. If they are, try to go to the module that owns DevolucaoChequesEntity and republish then try again.

Normally these compilation errors are problems with references. In traditional used to happen a lot when I was moving elements from module to module.

I republished the App that I'm trying to import the table and it didin't work. I also republished the Extension where the table is to see if anything would happen. Neither worked and I still have the same compilation error...

You republished the App or the module that's giving the error?

I did a full compilation of the App while on Integration Studio I republished the Extension that had the table that I'm trying to import to such App.

But what I was trying to tell you is to open Service Studio, open the module (Banka_EE I think), update references, and try to publish only this module, not the whole app.

That was the first thing I did and it didn't work.

Hi Nuno, Diogo is from my team. 

We published a solution with all espaces/extensions with full compilations, but the problem maintains.

The module Banka_EE exposes a db2 table that we can import to all espaces on our factory, except for these two (Workflow and Workflow_BR) that make part of the same application.

Thanks in advance.

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