Data Grid Save to External DB
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.53.37 (Build 61862)

Hello --

I'm using the Data Grid Web component and having trouble "Updating" the Data in the External DB. This would be the first time having any saving, updating, creating, or editing issue. I followed the step-by-step documentation here: https://success.outsystems.com/documentation/how_to_guides/development/outsystems_data_grid/how_to_save_changes_to_the_outsystems_data_grid/

The issue is it appears to be committing to the Local List displayed in UI of the Data Grid, but is not updating the Data within the external database. When I click the save button it will update the UI and has the visual elements of it saving, but it is not updating the database because when I refresh the page, it gets the original version with no update. I tried to simplify by only trying to update a single column of a table right now. I have StartIndex=1 for the "For Each" because StartIndex 0 says the allocationtable.id does not have an index of 0. Outside of that, not sure why there is an error. Thinking it may be a Server or bad-reference issue. I can't add screenshots of the interaction with the App or the OML because it's associated with proprietary data and sensitive client information. 

I added screenshots of the references I made after following the Data Grid documentation. Editing is not the issue and only saving to the External DB that is a postgreSQL relational DB hosted on AWS.