Outsystem bar chart
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11.14.1 (Build 54682)

 I am using Outsystem chart Version 1.3.7.

I am trying to create a bar chart and I need to display value inside the bar, but I am unable to do this.

Please help me with this issue

please share an example if it is possible

Hi Siraj,

1) Fetch the aggregate - that you wanted to show in graph.

2) In Barchart Properties, set the list from aggregate to Data point.

Let me know, if any queries,



Hi @Siraj Uddin Khilji ,

What issue you are facing to show the bar chart?

Community is here to provide you solution when you tried at your end and stuck somewhere and getting errors.
Please look on the following outsystems post to understand how to create bar chart




I am using an older version 1.3.7 of chart, so some new properties are not available in this version


Any reason to use older version? and updated chart has some extra property but dislplaying data logic is same in older or newer.

If you tell us what exact issue you are facing so it's easy to resolve your issue.

Yes, I have some reason to use old version, I can't update version.

@siraj uddin 

You need to pass highchart JSON with x y values inorder to Customize the legend and value position 

to show the values : Pass true on showDqataPointValues 

Thanks for response @Jamal Mohammed @Arun Rajput @Mythily Nagarajan 

I need the below output in outsystem chart version 1.3.7


@ siraj - Please follow my answer. If you face issues let us know 

" chart: {type: 'bar',

dataLabels: {

            enabled: true,



plotOptions: {

  bar: {

    groupPadding: 1,

  pointPadding: 1,

    dataLabels: {

      enabled: true,



  series: {

            dataLabels: {

            enabled: true ,






   xAxis: {    

          labels: {

            enabled: false



    yAxis: {

         labels: {

            enabled: true



I am using hight chart json,even I have used inside and align property but it not working in my version

" chart: {type: 'bar',dataLabels: {            enabled: true,            },    },plotOptions: {  bar: {    groupPadding: 1,  pointPadding: 1,    dataLabels: {      enabled: true,    },  },  series: {            dataLabels: {            enabled: true ,inside:true,align:'',            }        },},   xAxis: {              labels: {            enabled: false        },    },    yAxis: {         labels: {            enabled: true        },    },"

Let me share give me 2 minutes 

Attached OML


thanks, but I have multiple times mentioned that I am using version 1.3.7, and as u shared OML which used Version1\BarChart_v1, it not working for me

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