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   I need to create a User Registration page where I can register users, add roles and group some users.? Based on the role, the user can only be able to access a particular screen.  What is the best way to keep this Registration page? Should I need give access for a particular role like Manager, so that only he can only add the user and assign role to them? 

Hi @Annie Bibiana Yesudass ,

Your are right, User registration page must be accessed only by Admin or UserAdmin or Manager role who got special privileges(role) to perform this action.

No one else can perform this activity.

You need to define & apply these roles across the application screens and UI elements where you want to control the user behaviour/permission based upon these roles. 

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla


Hi Annie,

You can create Super Admin Role, and check this role for all screens, And you can also have other roles and restriction to certain screens.

Create a superadmin user from users , and try giving superadmin role to the user. So they can have access to the application at first. Then you can create other users, and assign roles.



Hello Annie,

From your statement "I need to create a User Registration page where I can register users, add roles and group some users.? ", it seems these are two different requirements explained below

1. User Registration - Typically this is same as Sign Up feature on applications, where user is asked for some basic details necessary to complete registration. However, user hardly has any control over exactly what role or group is assigned to him. At times this is driven by the options user selects during registration process, yet there might be additional approval or verification process involved to allow user to use the application as requested.

2. User Management - This is usually the back office module where authorized users can perform the roles/group assignment. And yes, like others shared only selected roles like admin or super admin must have access to this module.

Hope it helps


Thank you all for the response. 

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