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Website with AccessibilityQuestionarchitectureFront Endhttps://personal-hnmxy2rs.outsystemscloud.com/NatiTatoo1/home?_ts=638344408751614953This link is to the website I'm making using accessibility features.I'm using the image of the light box in the carroucel case.As for the Scheduling card, I'm using the Background card. But when clicking to enlarge thefigure, do not enlarge the text.I thought about two possibilities.1. Edit a photo with text, in this case I want a static photo, with simple text2. Make it separate but the same, the text will not be enlarged, and that's not what I want.My idea is for people who have vision difficulties.

Hi Solange Baltazar Minossi,

I would request you to ask your question in English language so that all the global community members can read and understand it.

Then you will be able to receive the help from wider community members.


Manish Jawla

Obrigado. Já fiz a pergunta em inglês, conforme solicitado. Só não sei se estava claro. Ainda não recebi uma resposta

Hello Solange,

The first thing to do for accessibility is to enable OutSystems accessibility features:


The issue appears to be the LightboxImage control itself. It just doesn't display the text when the image is shown fullscreen. Unfortunately, I don't think the LightboxImage control is intended to work in the way you expect.

Another option could be to use a popup dialog to display the image and the text.

For displaying the text over the image, you could also experiment with an overlay with a linear gradient and opacity to become darker toward the bottom of the image, then place the text at the bottom in white text.


I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Olá Stuart

Even OutSystems não possui ferramenta de acessibilidade. Certo?Terei que manipular o HTML e o CSS. E isso?A única ferramenta que encontrei foi uma caixa de luz de imagem, para pessoas com extrema dificuldade de visão, antes de ficarem cegas. Não consigo nem pensar em mudar o cor da página, com exceção do fundo do cartão. Nesse caso, quando é texto, volto para estaca zero. Mais luz? A documentação não ajuda muito com o que preciso

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