Advanced SQL query Select into

I would like to select a statement into a new table first in order to update some value to become the report.

Once I added into StatusReport,  then error is prompted, so how should I name the new table name?

If I removed "INTO StatusReport", it can be queried. However, I would like to update the result base on the output. 

Kindly advise. 

Hi Winnie, First of all, if StatusReport is an Entity, you should wrap it inside brackets like: {StatusReport}. Please try to fix that first and to see what is the next error then we can discuss further.

That is not entity, so I should create new entity name {StatusReport} with those field first? 

In my select statement I should add alias after the field which match with the attribute of StatusReport ? 


If StatusReport just serve as a caching Table for the query only, you can research for concept of Temp Table or Common Table Expression of SQL Server. I believe those SQL concept could help in this scenario.

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