Showing User data in dialog box

I want to create a dialog box which has the details retrieved from the user platform. If i keep the cursor on the profile icon, it should show as below attached image. Can i know the step by step procedure to do that. Please refer these two images 


Hi Ajay, 

You need to do the following to create this;

  • Make use of the Tooltip widget from OutSystems UI. That will help you with the onHover modal box.
  • Create a Web Block that will retrieve the data of the current user and display that in a container. This is real easy. Just add an aggregate to the block that queries the Users entity. Filter on the User.Id with GetUserId(). Set the number of returned records to 1. Then add one of more containers to the block and in each container you put an expression that displays one of the properties of the user record. 
  • Make sure to put the tooltip "around" the user icon.
  • Add the web block inside the tooltip widget 
  • 1CP and done!

Hope this helps,


Can I get any sample OML file. Please share this.

Sorry, I do not have the time to do that. Please try it yourself, it is really a basic thing to do and you should be able to do this yourself in about an hour or two. And by doing it yourself you are gaining a lot of knowledge and trust in the tool. If you have any questions during the process feel free to ask about that current step.

You can do this!

Hi @Ajay Saminathan i have done this using the Submenu widget provided in the outsystems UI. 

you can use that widget and there is also an action to show the submenu on the hover of an element.

I hope this will help.

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