Custom url for reactive app
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.13 (Build 61176)
Platform Version
11.18.1 (Build 37828)

I would like to change the url of the app  https://env.os/app --> https://app.os How can I do that?  

I have created a DNS name for app.os to point to OS environment and I have created a web certificate with names: env.os & app.os and applied it to IIS. Then I have configure a SEO Friendly URLs - Site Rules: base url (app.os) & root application (app). 

Now I can go to https://app.os/app , but I still would like to use shorter url: https://app.os . How can I manage to do that and is there a better way to achieve this?

Hi Jozy!

The marked solution in that post is that it is not yet possible to define SEO friendly URLs for reactive app. This has changed since. 

I still would like to have assistance how I'm able change the url for reactive app as I described.


Hello Mikko,

When you try to access the application with url: https://app.os, is it opening a blank page. If so, please refer to OutSystems support reply in below post. It mentions that this problem is fixed in Platform version 11.19.0, whereas yours is 11.18.1.


Hope it helps!


Hello Junaid!

I will get back to you as soon as I'm able to update our environment.



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