[FileSystem] Speeding Up Video Uploads and Playbacks in OutSystems
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Hello OutSystems friends, I have a question and would like to seek your assistance. In my project, there's a requirement where users will upload video files, possibly in sizes exceeding hundreds of megabytes, and they also need to be played back. I've encountered two issues:

1. The upload speed is too slow. Currently, I'm using the "upload" component to upload the videos, and then storing them using the "FileSystem" to a server directory. Storing in the database is not a good solution due to the large number of videos and their size.

2. When playing the videos, it takes a long time to load before playback, rather than streaming the content. I'd like to know if it's possible to make the API support streaming.

I greatly anticipate and appreciate your assistance and support. Thank you very much.


Hi, you already discovered it yourself. You should store video files on your frontend servers. Neither in the database nor on the filesystem. I suggest to use S3 in combination with cloudfront for serving video files. Please see my following articles

Uploading files directly to S3 from client application


Serve files at scale with s3 and cloudfront




I understand. Thank you very much, Stefan

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