How to repair image from database in outsystem 11

why image from external db cannot load in outsystems 11?



As much as I know we can show image from external database as well.

Did you checked service center or console logs that what blocking it?



how to check it in service center  or console log?

Hi GKJ Yogyakarta,

few suggestion here.

1. Make sure you have read permission on external db.

2. if yes then try to query from data from table using sql sandbox or from service studio using view data and get the binary.

3. check the binary is correct or not.

if all the option is ok then possibly the problem is with code. share the sample oml.


hello, I checked all your suggestions but still not successful in displaying images from external database. I can't send the .oml file because the size is too big, do you have any suggestions as to which contact I should send to?

In what image format is the binary stored? Perhaps the data is there but the browser can't handle it because it doesn't support the format.

How to handle it?

By providing an image type the browser can render. Like a .gif, .png and .jpg.

Helpfull link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_web_browsers#Image_format_support

Hope this helps,


I opened it via Chrome and it supports jpg/jpeg, then why is it still not showing up from outsystems even though I've opened it from several browsers

Hi Yogyakarta,

is the problem with only one image or all the images not loading ?

seems the problem is with binary.

can you please confirm.

hello, now the problem is that when uploading image data the image that has been uploaded before appears, like this :

It must be changed from an external database first before the image in the form is changed

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