Downloading log as text file without using Service center from an application

I have just explored some discussions and got some idea on how to proceed. Using server actions and some common libraries I just referred few modules . But I don't have a clear view on how to proceed with retrieving data from the application and downloading into text file. It would be more clear if someone would attach some sample OML application on retrieving log into text file without using Service center.

Hello Ajay,

Please clarify bit more about your exact requirement.  Are you trying to download application data or you are trying to download logs from service center?



I need to download application's log as text file instead of downloading from service center.

If I understand you correctly you need the service center logs for your application. To fetch such logs there are different APIs available which are described in below documentation.


Once you fetch the desired data from one or more of these APIs, consolidate it in desired format and convert it to binary using TextToBinaryData action of BinaryDataExtension. Finally download the binary using download widget into a text file.

Hope it helps!


Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,
You can check this discussionhttps://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/92469/write-a-logs-in-text-file-for-an-application/
in this, you can find my sample OML.
Please let me know if you have more queries.


Hi @Ajay Saminathan ,

if your scenario is:

To download the error log in text file whenever it occurs then Please find attached OAP file. Do Let me know incase you need more clarification on given scenario.


Error Log Download POC.oap
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