[Advanced Excel] Limitation on the number of records the Advanced Excel component can handle
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Is there any limitation on the number of records the Advanced Excel component can handle? We are trying to export 80000 rows with some formatting and it works once out of 4 or 5 times. Rest of the time it shows timeout error.


Hi Anshul

There is a limit, but it is the same limit Excel has. It rather sounds like some other part of your code, perhaps fetching data to write in a cell, is failing with a timeout?

If you inspect the stack trace for the timeout in Service Center, it should tell you exactly where the timeout is occurring.


Hi Anshul 

Did you try to increase server timeout time for server action by default it is 10 sec . 

I think that can be the issue. 


Hi Anshul,

In my case, also facing timeout error when amount of data is a lot. But I found 1 way to improve that: try to replace WriteCell by WriteRange, FormatCell by FormatRange when possible. This way, system can avoid some overhead processing and increase performance. After applying this, I can able to export and download a bigger file than before.
Also, you need to increase the Timeout of the ServerAction called from the client side as mentioned by Hanno and Rohit, so that the overall time out won't happen.
Hope this help.

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