Multiple entries are getting created once in a while in outsystems db on single submi

Once in a while even on submitting single form it is creating multiple entries in database but this issue is not frequent it occurs in 10-15 days so what is the reason for it and what could be the possible solution to avoid it.


Hi Vaibhavi,

There may be multiple reasons for this. You should check service center logs for the time when those entries created in database. It may be due to UI like some user clicks multiple time on submit button if there is not any condition. There may be some loop any many other reasons. Without looking at the logic its very hard to identify the reason of issue.


Hey Vaibhavi ,

There are two options you have to fix this -

1)Create a client action to check if the data already exists or not. If the data already exists, then don't create the record in db again. If it doesn't exist then create the record in db.

2)Another option that you can try by using CreateOrUpdate instead of Create.

I hope one of these solutions will fix your problem.

Thanks & Regards,

Sudip Pal 

hi  Vaibhavi Paranjpe,

there are serveral possibilities that this thing is occuring. i thinking by clicking multiple time on submit button this is occurring.

1- use button loading, this will prevent from this thing.

2- you can apply a validation check by server action before submitting form if the form data is already in the entity so you can stop the creation of the data from the submitting form.

3. Create a server action into the Core module and apply check if the identifier is coming blank then only create else update the record. 

hope this will help.



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