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I want the user to enter Name and Email and uplaod a document to a reactive webform on ODC. An server action should send an email including that attachment.

Problem: Mail is sending fine (and received), but attachment not included.

I used the standard upload widget, and I pass the binary data (and filename) to the "Send Email" Action. I am using assign to assign the binarydata (and filename) to the Attachment List. (Attachments.Current.FileContent = FileData)

What could be the issue?




Hi Michael,

Try using ListAppend to add your attachment to the list. 

If this doesn't help, could you share your OML?


That made the trick. its now working! Thanks

I tried ListAppend - which makes a lot of sense.. it is working now! THanks

Glad this helped!

If you don't need the extra variable for the attachment elsewhere, you can get rid of it. Press + near the word "element" (when the field next to it is empty) and expand attributes to fill them directly. 

And please don't forget to mark the most useful responses as solution. It will help other developers with the same issue to fix it faster.

Hi Michael,

Please find the sample, attachment that can send in mail.

Try to send like above one, You can get the attachment in PDF format. you can change the format based on your requirement.

Let me know if any queries.



We are using ODC, so it is not looking like that..

Screenshot Attachment3.png
Screenshot Attachment.png
Screenshot Attachment2.png
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