Import Record definition from an eSpace to integration Studio

Import Record definition from an eSpace to integration Studio



I'm currently starting the developmenf on an action in integration studio and i would like to know how to import the records and structures definition i defined in my eSpace.

This way it would be easier to define the input and output parameters and integrate it with my solution, in the given eSpace.

Thank you for your support,
Emanuel Silva

If you are connecting to SQL Server, then you can import the entities directly into integration studio.  There is a tutorial on the site that shows you how to do this.  You can do it with Oracle too, but it requires a Connection license for the platform.
Thanks Rebecca for your answer,

So there is no way to integrate the structure in service studio to integration studio am i right? Only by doing this workaround can we access the database entities in the integration studio?

I can work with that right now but i guess it would be a good feature to implement in the Outsystems platform. Because for complex tasks it would be easier to do it programatically instead of using the service studio.

Thank you again for your time Rebecca,
Best Regards,
Emanuel Silva

Hi Emanuel,

Check out this thread for details on how to reference Outsystems Entities from Integration Studio:

I'll check it out.

Thanks Rebecca.