How to paste date from clipboard or copied data from excel
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Hello All,

I'm developing reactive web app.

I'm trying to paste copied data from excel.  I'm able to paste text and numbers but unable to paste Date .
can someone help me here to resolve this issue.

I'm using below JavaScript:



You have to do some additional manipulation to correctly parse the date. Here's an example:

navigator.clipboard.readText().then((clipText) => {
    var values = clipText.split('\t');
    var dateParts = values[2].split('/');    

    $parameters.Number = parseInt(values[0]);
    $parameters.Text = values[1];
    $parameters.Date = new Date(dateParts[2], dateParts[1] - 1, dateParts[0]);

Some important notes:

  • This example assumes you have an Excel sheet with 3 columns:
    • Column 1: Number value
    • Column 2: Text value
    • Column 3: Date value
  • You might have to adjust the date parsing according to the Date format you're using in Excel. In my example, the assumed format is DD/MM/YYYY.
  • When creating the new date, you always need to specify Month - 1. This is because JavaScript counts months from 0.
  • In my example, I created 3 output parameters with the expected data types. So Number, Text and Date. You can then assign the value of these output parameters to your local variables.
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