setting css variable value in popup

Hello everyone, I have this CSS issue, I have a button option, and I would like it to be behind my popup. I have multiple popups 

within the form. How can I change the following variable?

Thank you.

Hello Christian,

Thank you for your well explained question.

To override the --osui-popup-layer variable,

  1. Open your own theme
  2. Select Edit Style Sheet
  3. At the top put the following

:root {

--osui-popup-layer: 250;


Or instead of 250 whatever you want to set the z-index to. I should mention, this could have unintended consequences, so instead you may want to adjust the z-index of the BEH class.

Now this may not resolve your issue due to opacity. The setting of opacity has an impact on z-index:

A neat hack may be to set a slight opacity on the buttons when they are in this scenario. eg

.the-button-class.with-popup {

opacity: 0.95;


You probably don't need this, but for anyone else reading, here is a link to z-index documentation.

I hope this helps!

Kind regards,


Hello Cristian,

Did you tried like this:

Create the class .MyClass on your theme like this:

.MyClass.popupbackdrop {

z-index: 300;

Just apply the same to your div/widget.

Best Regards

Hi Cristian Angel Puma Villalva,

The z-index property specifies the stack order of an element. 

Popup-backdrop {



give the z-index value wherever you have created you this class. very first change the z-index value from developer too only the change the value in you existing class.

hope this can work if not plz share the OML

Kind regards

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