multiple file upload

Hi All,

Using this component Multiple file upload reactive ,trying to limit the no of files of upload,but everytime it is passing upload file as 1 from the block,Tried to increment but it is reseting again in parent.

Please let me know how can i check maxlimit upload numbers  ,

Also Please let me know what is the maximum size of binary I can upload to trigger message.

Thank you

Hi Ujwala, 

It will be good if you share the link of forge component regarding which you have query.

Also, there are 2 instance of this multiple file upload, reactive or traditional? 

which one are you refereeing?

It will be good if you can share the sample .oml.


Manish Jawla

Hi Manish,

The issue is resolved .it seems from the js function readandsend ,file upload id always wrt one file input and is set as 1,maxfile length length logic is calculated based on that wrt component.

Regarding Size as checked it allows seems 2 to 4 Mb wrt IISversions nd can be increased based on factory configuration.

Thank you


Agree with @Manish Jawla. I also advice to open the topic below the support of component, with that the owner of the component will receive a notification and maybe can help you easily than others.


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