How can I debug on widgets?

I was reading some outsystems documentation and I'm in doubt about "breakpoints in widgets"

They have this detail on the documentation:

While debugging web applications you can also define breakpoints in widgets. The step commands mentioned above ( Step Over,  Step Into and  Step Out) have a particular behavior on widgets:

  • They don't stop on widgets unless the widget has a breakpoint, or is designed using elements that are evaluated at runtime as, for example, widgets designed using user-defined functions.

  • The order that step commands follow widgets on the screen is the same by which they are rendered and not the order the widgets are displayed on the screen.

Can you help me what they mean by "breakpoints in widgets"?




Hello Ana,

That note clearly mentions that 'While debugging web applications ' which means this feature is not applicable for reactive or mobile applications.

It is a feature in Traditional Web Applications, to debug widgets or UI.

You can add breakpoint on widgets and debug in traditional applications as shown in the above image.



Ok, thanks!

I only use Reactive, that's why I didn't know that --'

Many thanks for your help!

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