Circular reference

Dear Team

I have a Module A which has the main BPT process and it is referencing Module B entities alone no server actions.

Module B calls the Main BPT in module A, does this create circular reference ? please advise

Module B is a CS module where we have all the entities. Module A has been created for running a BPT process.


Saravana Kumar V

Hi @saravana kumar v ,

Yes, It creates a circular dependency as reference is to and fro.

My suggestion is below:

1. Expose an API from Module A or API Module to trigger the BPT

2. Consume the API in the IS Module and Wrap it in a server action

3. Call the Server Action in Module B.

In this way you can break one side of a strong reference.

Kindly let us know if it helps.

Hi @saravana kumar v ,

Does it helps.


any other suggestions ?

Hi Saravana, my answer is same with Jerome, Yes, you having a circular reference now, A reference to B to access Entity, and B reference to A to calling BPT action from B.
I'm not sure why you need to call BPT Action from a CS module, but to solve this, you can follow Jerome suggestion or just simply do not call the BPT action from B, and create that Action from A, as basically, A is on higher tier than B.


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