Do i need to set Terminate process to yes

Dear Team

I have a process running based on create entity. do i need to set the terminate process to yes ?

If yes, will the process run for the next create entity record ?



Hi Saravana,

Normally a BPT process has a start and an end, and in between 1 or more activities. Unless you have a wait or human activity, your process should automatically finish.

The next create entity record would actually put again an instance of the process on the queue. Each front end server can handle 10 BPT or 20 LBPT processes in parallel, so your process does not need to end for the other create entity record to start to be processed.



Hi Kumar, 

There're 2 answer for Terminate Process attribute of the Process End node:
- No need to set to yes if you have 1 main stream logic flow for the Process (ie, no branching logic flow), as the process instance will end when it reaches the Process End Node. This is for most basic cases.

- Will need to set to Yes if your Process logic has many branches, then you want the whole Process instance to be stop (terminated) when 1 of the branch is reach the Process End node while other branch(es) is not end yet (for example is still waiting for some event ...)

And, for second question, setting Terminate Process will not affect other process instances. That means it still be run for next create entity event as next create event is another process instance.


Thanks Daniel and Nghia

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