PDF Generator

Hi all,

I've been searching for solutions on how to accomplish the generation of a PDF File in Outsystems and i found some results. The problem is that all the posts are old and the version that was used in those posts were 4 or 5.

So i want to know if there are any updates on this subject. What are some of the options available now for the 7.1 version? What are you guys using to perform PDF generation?

Thank you,
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Emanuel Silva
I've used the ones currently out there and there all work just fine. There is nothing specific to the older version in them, because they all leverage 3rd party code and the extension is just a data pass through. That said, you may want to update the 3rd party code if possible. The HTML to PDF one uses the code from Google, for example, and all you need to do is replace the EXE that does the heavy lifting.

I use the html2pdf with the wkhtml2pdf as 3rd-party. Pretty nifty tool :)