Spreading Service Studio via Microsoft Software Center.


In my company, software is sent to the laptops of the employees via Microsoft Software Center. 

This is also the case with Service Studio. Every now and then, when Outsystems releases a new version of Service Studio, it happens that the day after, people cannot use it anymore and they get the error:

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item".  (the auto-updater did its job, and the version does not match the Microsoft Software Center version anymore)

The only way to solve this for me & my collegues, is to delete the installation, download the last but 1 version from the outsystems site, and disable auto update. But offcourse this throws the usefulness of microsoft software center out of the window.

  • Anybody else experience with spreading Service Studio with Microsoft Software Center?
  • Is there a flag that can be added to the install command to have the auto-update disabled, and toggled off? (to let Microsoft Software Center handle the update when it is added to the companies repository)


Did you tried disabling it from configs, the post is related to auto update of service studio and how we can disable the auto updated after the first install.


I hope this will help you

Tousif Khan

I did indeed disable it in the configs, but for maintainability, we cannot rely on people having to do that manualy after first install. Meanwhile i did find the true/false toggle in an xml file under programdata, i could write a script to change that after install. Yet I hope I m not the first one using Microsoft Software Center, and that there is a chance there is a more elegant solution out there somewhere.

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