How to use Roles to determine what part of screen is visible
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I am fairly new to outsystems, I need to create one landing screen but i need to understand if tehre is a way to use roles to identify what is visible to different roles. For example if i have six buttons and only want the role one to see two of them and the other role to see all of them. Is it possible using just the outsystems service studio without the help of Forge?

Hello Mohsin,

Yes, just with service studio you as able to do that, example:

Set the visible property with CheckRole, or you can do this with IF on the screen that validates the role, and place the button inside the IF

You can also create a boolean local variable, and assign value with checkRole() in on initialize and use this local variable for the widget's If-Else condition.

Articles for more learning:




Hope it helps.



Hello @mohsin  

I have provided a Solution here with explanation and with a sample, you can go to the attach link and see if it helps you - https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/89298/user-role-access-permission/

Also there is a Video tutorial here - Reactive web application - Client Side Role Checks (OutSystems)
I hope it helps
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Tousif Khan

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