[Detaching source code] OneSignal iOS push not working

Hi all,

I have a mobile application built with OutSystems. This application uses the OneSignal plugin to receive push notifications. Currently, I am in the process of detaching the source code from OutSystems and building my iOS app using XCode. However, it seems that the OneSignal plugin is not functioning, which is causing my app to not receive notifications. Has anyone encountered this issue, and is there any solution to it?


Hey kdo,

The information shared is not enough to understand the issues you are facing. Can you detail it? The following would be nice to share:

- Plugin version.

- MABS version used to build the app.

- XCode version used.

- Have you tried using the Sample App provided with the plugin?


Hi @Ricardo Silva,

I'm using OneSignal Plugin version 3.5.6, XCode version 14.1 with the Cordova Project was build from MBAS 8.1



Not only the plugin version is a bit outdated (it was released in November 2021) you're also using a deprecated version of MABS. Is it possible to update both? 

Also, is it possible to share the error faced? Is it reproducible with the Sample App? Are you using Xcode's Simulator or a real device (and if so, please share the device's iOS version)?

We need as much detail as possible in order to reproduce the issue and help you with a fix/workaround.

My application has been developed for a long time, and currently, we have expired OutSystems licenses, so we cannot modify the source code. The application, built previously with MBAS 8.1, can still receive notifications from OneSignal. However, for the build created with XCode and running on actual mobile devices, notifications from OneSignal are not being received. This is due to the expiration of the iOS certificate for the old build. Therefore, we need to rebuild a new version with the Cordova Project created by OutSystems.

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