How to display 1 entity from 2 different dropdown?
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11.54.32 (Build 62934)

I need to compare 2 years, previous and current. But the data is reading from same entity and same attribute: score.year

this is the entity that i have

so when user filter this dropdown:

the user will see this:

currently the data displayed not really correct. Please advice


Try Now.....there was little mistake.



You can create one aggregate of that entity and bind that aggregate with that value

Below i attached your OML with correction and issue let me know.




i tried run the corrected oml, but it not showing any data, plus, the years are duplicated

You have to group by year in aggregate.

where you need to show data 

in the dropdown options value, you put score.id

if I group by year, it won't found the score.id, if I group the id, again the year will duplicate. so what should I put in option value, and may I know why you put score.id

you also change local variable CY and PY to score identifier


What you currently trying to do is to show the current year and previous year score in one row.

with table widget that is not possible because those are two different rows.

What you can do is create a block with current year, previous year and semester input variables and show the block only if both the years and semester is selected. Inside block fetch the score for CY and PY for selected semester and show the values in tabular format(not using table widget).

PFA oml. I have created block(I passed 1 as harcoded value for semester bcz I didint understood the semester logic, you can change that)


thanks, it works. but i need to tweak a bit to include the semester logic. FYI the semester logic is user can click on checkbox multiple, so the data display could be Semester 1 or Semester 2 or Semester 1 and semester 2.  

but a question, if the data is in the list as I mentioned it could show both semester, which aggregate i need to put as source for list? your oml only for 1 row, right?

Yes Its for one row but if you want multiple that is also possible. 

Give me some time I ll upload the oml with that change.

sorry, why it show only sem 1 for both rowsSweat grinning 


Try Now.....there was little mistake.

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