User id client variable getting cleared but other client variables have values.

Hi team,

I am facing an issue that SESSION_USER_ID (declared in users module if i understand it correctly) is getting resetted but other client variables which I have assigned in the application holds the value. Due to "SESSION_USER_ID " getting cleared, application throws "role required "error.

 Max Idle time is increased to 240 minutes in service center. 

Can anyone help me correlate these . And what can be the reason that all client variables are not cleared in the same moment. Can it be that the client variables decalred by me on the data action of user_info webblock getting it's value reassigned as soon as it's cleared? I haven't used any on parameter changed event to reassign though.

Hi @Sneha Kumari ,

I hope you are referring to $OS_Users$$ClientVars$$SESSION_USER_ID.

Yes, this is a client variable set through the Users Escape. This variable is set through a session-create request made to server. And I hope it gets destroyed by an exception or destroyer of session parameters in the client machine. Not only the $OS_Users$$ClientVars$$SESSION_USER_ID it also reset other session created client variables.

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