Not able to install a forge component into my environment.

I am trying to install this forge component : CKEditor.Reactive - Overview | OutSystems 

But somehow, I am not able to install it and I don't know why it is not getting installed. I am getting an error as attached in the screenshot below.

Please help!


Screenshot 2023-11-09 121340.png

Hi Shubham,

It seems like there might be an ongoing publishing process for the application, and that's causing a lock. You'll need to wait until the current publishing operation is completed before trying to install the application again. If the issue persists, you might want to check if there are any background tasks or processes related to the application's publishing that are stuck or taking longer than expected.

This wasn't the case. There were no background activities/processes running.

Hi Shubham Nanche,

Sometime happens when some issues occur while installing the forge component. Do one thing close and reopen service studio and try to re-install. i hope it wont happen again. and if it is already installed on your environment then just delete it and re-iinstall it. i think it will work.



This didn't work :(


Hi @Shubham Nanche ,

Just follow above given solution but if still it doesn't work then download that forge component from browser and open it in service studio.



Hi @Arun Rajput ,

I followed your instructions, but that didn't work either.

Hi @Shubham Nanche , could you check the Service Center log to see if any other information logged?

Hi, Shubham

Install Db cleaner and check for CKEditor application in Db Cleaner if its exists remove all files and try to install the application again.

If it's doesn't work try to install CKEditor in other environment and save the module and try to open that saved module in your environment it works 100% but still it doesn't work, that means you haven't done correctly what i have told you or there might be a problem with your environment.

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