Link to another screen and pop up

In JobMainDetail page, I added a link for a record to direct it to JobDetail4onchange Page and show pop up of related record. 

Backgound: One job (jobmaintenanceID) have many phases (JobdetailID), 

my problem:

1.  it can direct to the right Jobmaintenance ID, but direct to wrong "detailID" (it directs to the first detailID of the jobmaintenanceID)

2. some value of the field is not shown(Last Phase, phase group, level, parent phase)
    -->There is on change logic on those field

My expectation:

1. Direct to the right jobmaintenanceID and right JobdetailID

2. Last Phase, phase group, level, parent phase are shown

Example (reference):

In JobMainDetail page, i clicked the highlighted record (the phase code is 6000)

- When I click inside of above record (phase 6000), it directs to the JobMainDetail4onchange
1. but the pop up is phase 3000, which is the information of  top detail record of the same Job (JobMaintenanceID)

2. the value of Last phase , level, phase group are not shown 

Reference :

1. Pop Up : 
-->However in jobdetail4onchange page, i click edit of the record, all information is shown correctly.

2. Please kidly help check how my link in jobMainDetail is congigure wrong in the page. 



Hi @Winnie Lam ,
Due to no data, I am not able to check your exact flow by running your app but anyhow I checked your code and what I observed is 
1.)For the incorrect record in "Phase", because you mapped it with the aggregate without any filter it will display by default the first record from the aggregate.
2.) For the blank data issue you will need to check if you have any data in the aggregate at the time of "EditJobDetail" action click, you can check this by debugging the flow.

If not then this might be happening because data get out of scope at the time of the assignment.
First, get ready all the required data/aggregate then enable the popup in the end.

If possible try to create a separate web block with your popup inputs and call it under your popup, as I can see there are a lot of aggregates and joins in your single screen(JobTestDetail4onchange).

Please let me know if you have any queries.


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