Adding icon or image to static entity attribute

How do I add an icon or image attribute for each record I define in a static entity?
When showing the attributes of these records in a table, I want to display the relevant icon for each record.
What is the easiest way to do this when there are a lot of records?

Hi Meltem,

Probably you can create a new table with its primary key pointing to your static table Id. You can store the images/icons for each record uniquely in that table. 

For uploading the images/icon for each record, you can have a front end screen to allow user to select the record via dropdown and then use upload widget to upload the images/icons. 

But please check if the above suggestion fits your business case. 


Rahul Yadav

Hi Rahuly,
Thank you for your replies, I will consider your suggestions.

Hi Meltem,

Are you even sure you want your coins (why plural ?) to be a static entity in the first place?  It has attributes like price, and TransactionVolume, that doesn't sound very static to me.


Hi Dorine,
Thank you for your reply. Yes, it is not static. I changed it. I created it while working on uploading images and icons for static entity.

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