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Could anyone assist me? I'm developing a simple application to study about api,in which I'm providing APIs. My app includes an 'employee' entity with three attributes. I've created APIs for 'getEmployee', 'updateEmployee', 'getEmployeebyId', 'deleteEmployee', and 'createEmployee'. However, only the 'getemployee' API is functioning correctly; the others are returning errors. Despite trying various methods, reading all the documentation, and experimenting with entity lists and structure data types, I'm still facing issues. I suspect there's a minor error that I'm overlooking.  I'm new to APIs and outssytems. I'm attaching my OAP file for reference. Please have a look in the attached oap.I would greatly appreciate any help 


Pleasure! Also, please check the oml where I have consumed your API methods.

Hi Amritha,

I've checked your OAP, and all the API methods seem to work fine for me, I think you just have to pass the right request format. 

Here's an image for your reference.

I am also attaching the OML, and link of a module where I consumed two of your methods(CreateEmployee and GetAllEmployee) for your reference. Check this.

I hope this will be helpful, Please mark it as a solution so that It could be of help to anyone else facing a similar issue.


Saad Ahmed


@saad siddiqui Thankyou Let me check


Pleasure! Also, please check the oml where I have consumed your API methods.

@saad siddiqui Hi, I'm facing a challenge with consuming getemployeebyid API  need assistance to identify the problem. While I can edit, save, and delete, I'm unable to search for an employee by their ID. This issue occurs in the following application, which includes functions for 'getemployee' and 'getemployeebyid'. However, the 'getemployeebyid' function is not working. have simplified the application by removing other functions like delete, edit, and save, focusing only on 'getemployeebyid'. Could you help me pinpoint the error in this function? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Iam a beginner please help if you can.I dragged a search widget in the screen when i search by id nothing happens.but all other delete save uodate are working please check my steps to find out the mistake


Hi @Amritha v ,

The attached application looks fine. But I think the issue will be with the content type and the way you are consuming it.

If you are trying through Postman or any other external client, make sure you are using the correct request format.

@Jerome Rajadurai J Thankyou Let me check 

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